Why does Germany have two flags?

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Why does Germany have two flags?

This is the most common civil flag with Germany. It is the national flag and is used by non-federal authorities to indicate contact with the federal government. For example, in Germany, it will fly with the relevant state flag. Outside Germany, Swarz-Rot-Gold gold is recognized as the German flag worldwide.

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This is the federal flag.

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It is the national flag with the words “Bundesschild” or “Federal Shield”. It can only be used by federal authorities, and abuse is a crime that can be fined.

(By the way, so I didn’t get other comments. I used the pioneering meaning of defacement, which means adding another symbol to the existing logo.)

naval jack

There is another variant, an unofficial variant.

This is a tricolor flag painted with the German emblem. This is what German fans see most often in sports events. Although it is similar to the federal flag, the authorities can tolerate it.

Finally, the ensign.

This is the dovetail version of the federal flag and can fly as a navy jack.

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