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In this article, we are talking about the top 5 best CRM Software. Without customer relationships, you will actually not have a business. Therefore, it makes sense to continuously build and nourish these connections. At Crazy Egg, we are no stranger to the best CRM software, because we have used (and switched) almost every software on the market. Based on our experience and the determination method you will learn below, we have determined that Hubspot is the best choice in most cases. Its free plan is the most powerful and flexible plan on the market. In addition, you can also upgrade according to changes in your needs to get more advanced features.

The best CRM software for the most suitable

For most companies, Hubspot is our number one recommendation. It provides CRM solutions for sales, marketing and customer service, and it is a great choice no matter how you plan to use it. It also offers a comprehensive free plan, which is more than enough for most new businesses just starting out.

When you’re ready to upgrade, the paid plan starts at $50 per user per month, with full access to all three hubs.

7 best CRM software to consider

Hubspot-the best CRM software for most situations
Salesflare-the best CRM to improve lead management
Freshworks CRM-the best CRM software that is easy to use
Zoho CRM-the best CRM software for small and medium enterprises
In-depth analysis-the best CRM for project management
Nimble-Best CRM for Social Media Management
Salesforce-the best CRM software for growing companies

When does it make sense to invest in CRM software?

Although the CRM software has changed recently to make it easier for small organizations to use it, it is still a significant expense for most small businesses. Although CRM software is very important, depending on where you are in the business, you may not need it yet. Therefore, here are some ideas to help you determine whether you are ready to invest in CRM software.

business plan

Do you feel that your business is a bit tortuous? Maybe you have some growth goals, but you are not sure how to achieve them. CRM software can help you solve these problems.

customer service

If you feel that you are struggling with customer service, it may be because you are unable to properly track your interactions with existing and potential customers.CRM software provides many tools to track your customer contacts to ensure that you give them the proper attention.

Your employees are ready

In order to make the most of your CRM software, your employees must be willing to spend time learning how to use it and be willing to enter data. If employees work hard to track customer participation in your current system, and this cost them success and commission, then they will be more willing to try a CRM package.

Growth management

If you find that your organization grows at will, the introduction of CRM software can help you manage growth in a healthier way. Growth is beneficial, but if not managed properly, alienation from customers may cause more damage to the organization in the long run

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