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What will happen if a hundred moons shine too?
If they come, this night will be able to make sense.

He is a little broken_ scattered.
Otherwise, love, we teach you …

    He used to love so much, he had mercy on us,
    He kissed Khanjar, before the murder.

The duty was that which I did,
He asked for it and gave it to everyone,
Hearing that, the words of the non-believers became unfaithful,
I finally forgot the dream of understanding it !!

If you want to take a bath, go to the beach, what is kept in the edges,
if you want to love then come in your arms, what is kept in gestures

There is still a trace of his love,
The name is on the lips and lives are remaining
Seeing what happens if you turn your back,
It is comforting that the identity of the face remains !!

What would anyone understand the reality of relationships
What will anyone understand the need of the heart
My life is my friend’s smile
What will anyone understand the value of this smile?

When someone fails,
Life has a sad evening,
Who does not have wealth with heart,
Love is the blessing of the poor !

Sometimes you were almost separated,
Know what you are upset with,
I believed in you more than myself,
But time itself used to say that you are infidel !!

Infidelity has come to erase it,
I have come in danger in his water,
No one should read the memories of that infidelity,
That is why I have come on fire in water too !!

Naseehat is the true thing, which we never listen to carefully.
And the compliment is the deception we listen to carefully !!

I did not think the time would come like this,
Danger will come from humans
to humans.

What am I and what do you understand?
Not all secrets are telling,
Sometimes to look in the loneliness,
How to make everyone cry

If someone else wants you
Our heartburns
But this is true
That everyone dies on you

I remember you,
It is not given to anyone who burnt and extinguished.

After a few years, what will be the danger
Who will be the best friend,
See you again, I will meet you in memories
Like dry roses are found in books

All the paths have been lost in your search, now
I am on a path that goes nowhere…

Goodness always comes from the company of noble people,
Because, when the wind passes through the flowers, it also becomes fragrant ..

What you see The same must not be true,
Sometimes, behind the calm face, pain is hidden….

This desperate journey and this shaky evening,
I can stop but no one stops.

Let the soil fly
Where will you fly till last…
When the winds left…
So it will fall on the ground

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