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Hindi love Heart touching Shayari in 2020Hindi love Heart touching Shayari in 2020

The dying man said a good thing.
These people who are crying on my lass, will not let me live if I get up

Start smiling and
When the cry ends
This is the same oppression that people,
Says love

Let me give you some examples but
The oppression is that you are exemplary

I am better than your richness,
What have you not lost for the sake of a few coins,
I do not believe the bed of velvet is with me,
But you tell me how many nights you have slept peacefully.

Our reference is also committed here,
It is a matter of days we were the parents
It was thought that by stopping these stones,
When I regained consciousness I saw blood

No one to remember sad moments
Take care of your existence even in a storm
You are happy in someone’s life,
Just think that you take care of yourself.

We have taken the path of destruction ourselves,
We have given heart to stone,
We know what is love, ladies
We have lit the house by lighting our own

I do not testify with false arguments,
Lost love was never won by lawyers.

Four friends, two bicycles,
Empty pockets and the whole city,
It was also a beautiful time …

If someone else wants you
Our heartburns
But this is true
That everyone dies on you

We have neither love nor love,
Whatever we got was a disloyal friend,
Life has become a spectacle of its own,
Everyone got a call of purpose.

The world has given big wounds, one
Zakhm-e-Tamanna and Right ……
A hundred pains are hidden in this heart,
A pain your right

You promised me to meet my dreams…
It is our bad luck that we did not sleep.

The moon had landed in our courtyard,
But it was not acceptable to the stars,
We would have revolted with all the stars
But what to do guys, that moon was not ours too

You know that you live in the heart…
Yet my eyes long for your heart!

Armaan was about spending life with you !!
Shikwa is about to remain silent!
What will be greater than the divinity ………
Still waiting for you to come

Why are these eyes moist, heart sad today ..
When he has never been found, why is there a misery today?

When someone hurts your heart, it’s better to keep quiet,
Because those whom we do not answer, time gives the answer!

Life did not make sense, alone in the fair,
And if understood, fair in private.

She wants the flood of love to come for a moment ….
I want to be rainy but for ages …

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