How to use Google drawings to create social media images

How to use Google drawings to create social media images

How to use Google drawings to create social media imagesHow to use Google drawings to create social media images

How to use Google drawings to create social media images

Do you want to create social media images without buying expensive software? Looking for a solution that can be accessed from any computer? In this article, you will learn how to use Google Drawing to create professional-looking images.

Why use Google drawings?

Google Drawing was originally designed to help companies create flowcharts, website wireframes, mind maps, and other types of diagrams. However, it can also be a powerful tool for creating graphics for social media marketing.

Many marketers use tools such as Canva, which rely on templates that you customize using your own text and images or content purchased from the tool library. Although tools like Canva are convenient, they are not as flexible as creating social media images in Google drawings.

If you are like many digital and social media marketers, but their design skills are limited, the flexibility of the blank drawing canvas in Google drawings seems daunting. However, with some free resources and an understanding of some of the basic design concepts introduced in this article, you can create professional-looking original graphics in Google Drawings for free.

With the basics in mind, the time required to create your own graphics in Google Drawing will not be longer than using tools such as Canva. For demonstration, I usually need about 20 minutes to make an image. Even if you have a design team, they rarely prioritize your social media images over the website or client, so your ability to create your own graphics can immediately meet your needs.

Canva does provide an extensive image library through its platform, and the ability to save favorites is great. You must obtain these resources from other places for Google drawing; but this gives you more freedom. Although both of these tools have advantages and disadvantages, I think the advantages of Google drawing are underestimated. I suggest you try these two tools to see which one you like.

This is how to start using Google Drawing to create social media graphics.

Create your own social media image

Before you start creating graphics in Google Drawing, you need inspiration. Please pay attention to the images you like in other social media posts and advertisements. You can also find inspiration in your favorite print layouts and online publications.

People often save these images in a location called “sliding file” for future reference. Then, when you are ready to create a social media picture, you can browse the elements for your brand in the sliding file. To illustrate this, maybe you like the vertical lines on the photos in this car2go ad. Maybe you like how images use background illustrations to convey ideas or feelings.

After using the slide file to propose basic concepts for the design to be created, you do not need to recreate the entire image. When you use free image resources as building blocks for social media images, you can quickly work to design professional-looking graphics. For example, find a photo or pattern to be used as a background, add an icon as the focus, and enter text to complete.

For stock photos, my favorite resource is Pexels, but you can find many other options. For background patterns, the pattern library provides hundreds of patterns and designs. My favorite icon resource is Flaticon, which has a searchable hundreds of thousands of icon libraries. They range from super simple to more complex.

Tip: When you use free resources for photos, patterns and icons, please pay close attention to the use of any item by the license. On some services, the person sharing their creation can choose from several different types of licenses, so you cannot assume that the terms are the same for every resource in the same service. Resources like Flaticon require you to use a specific format to credit the source.

Slide files can also be used as a resource for your favorite color palettes and fonts. To identify specific colors on a website, try the ColorZilla Chrome plugin, which adds a straw tool to the Chrome browser so that you can get the exact colors from other designs or websites. Similarly, use the WhatFont Chrome plugin to identify fonts on websites or graphics.


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