How to use Google drawings to create social media images Part 3

How to use Google drawings to create social media images Part 3

How to use Google drawings to create social media images Part 3How to use Google drawings to create social media images Part 3

#4: Write and format text like a designer

If you want to add text to social media images, the correct font combination is more important than you think. Small things (such as font selection) separate professional content from amateurs. Fortunately, Google supports you. Google Drawing not only has more than 400 fonts but if you can’t find the exact font you need, Google itself can also import more than 800 font families.

Generally, when adding text to a social media image, two fonts are usually needed: a serif font for headlines and a sans serif font for body text or slogans. To illustrate this, the following font combination uses the serif font Merriweather as the title and the sans-serif font Open Sans as the body text.

To add text to an image in Google Drawing, first use the Text Box tool to draw a text box. You can then enter and format the text. You will find all commonly used text formatting options on the toolbar. In addition, you can choose “Format”> “Format Options” from the menu bar to see other options for shadows, reflections, and detailed size and position options.

5: Export your pictures to a social media friendly format

When preparing to publish an image, it must be exported from Google Drawings in the required file format. For social media platforms, PNG files are usually required. Choose File> Save As> PNG Picture (.png). The file will be downloaded to the “download” folder of your operating system, and then you can upload it to your social account.

6: Save and share social media image templates with the team

After spending some time creating your favorite image that reflects your brand, you own the image and use it as a template. Just copy, change some elements, and create a brand new graphic for your next article, social media ads, Instagram posts, etc. After designing the basic concept, you can make changes in less than 5 minutes to create unique images.

Once the template is ready, your entire marketing team can use it. Share a folder on Google Drive so that anyone on the team can quickly and easily create any social media images that are usually created, such as Facebook post images. As long as no one edits the page size, everything will be the correct size and the appearance will always be the same. It’s like having your own version of Canva’s advanced template features.

If you want to collaborate on design, the sharing feature in Google Drawing can also allow your entire team to create, edit, and comment on the graphic.


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