How to use Google drawings to create social media images Part 2

How to use Google drawings to create social media images Part 2

How to use Google drawings to create social media images Part 2How to use Google drawings to create social media images Part 2

Open a new blank picture in Google Drawing

When you ’re ready to start creating graphics in Google Drawings, open Google Drive and click the New button in the upper left corner. From the menu that appears, select “More”, then select “Google Drawing” from the submenu. A blank Google Drawings canvas appears, ready for your design.

First, choose the size of the drawing. From the File menu, choose Page Setup. In the dialog box that appears, you can choose from commonly used scales, or you can select the “Custom” option to enter a specific size. Customizing the size can be helpful when you want to make sure that the image reflects the recommended size for specific social media platforms (such as Facebook or Instagram).

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In this example, the size of the Google drawing area for a single Facebook news feed ad is 1200 x 628 pixels.

3: Add photos and shapes

To design graphics, Google Drawing provides a variety of tools for inserting photos, drawing shapes, aligning elements, and adding text. To show you how these tools work, this example draws ideas from the ads shown earlier and extracts blog post images from AdEspresso (as shown in the picture), which usually have a patterned background

To create a pattern for the background, choose Image from the Insert menu, and then choose an option that reflects where the background image is saved. For example, you’ll choose “Upload from Computer”, “Google Drive”, etc. This example uses the illustrations available in Google drawings.

To repeat the image on the drawing canvas, select the image, press Ctrl + C (Windows) or Command + C (macOS) to copy, press Ctrl + V to paste the copy, and then move the copy to the first next picture. In this case, continue to paste the copy to create a line on the entire drawing canvas. When you try to align shapes continuously, useful guides appear when you click and drag the copy.

Tip: If you need to adjust the position of the image element slightly, select the element, and then press the arrow key. Or, for very fine adjustments, press Shift and then the arrow keys, and the selected item will move one pixel in the given direction. If multiple objects are selected, click on the context and select an option to distribute them vertically, horizontally or evenly.

After you finish creating the first row, select each copy, and then choose Arrange> Group.

From there, you can copy and paste the rows as a group until you create the entire pattern on the drawing canvas. Using a grid can help you place the rows evenly.

When you are finished, use the rectangle tool to draw a rectangle covering the entire drawing canvas. This shape will become your background color. You can find line and shape tools on the toolbar. Just select the desired tool and start drawing.

To choose a color, you can use ColorZilla to copy a color from photos or illustrations you download from any of the aforementioned resources (or your own favorite website, free design to download in your social media images). To apply color to the shape, click the Fill Color tool, and then choose Custom.

Then paste the color code copied by ColorZilla into the appropriate box. To make the pattern appear on the background again, you have two options. You can use the slider on the right side of the Custom Color dialog box to make the color transparent, or select the shape and choose Arrange> Order> Send Back.

To add a vertical rectangle similar to the car2go ad shown earlier, use the shape tool again to draw the shape. Next, this image needs a larger illustration to create the focus. To insert an image, use the Insert menu again, and then navigate to the image you want to use.

Then move the image to the desired position and adjust the size as needed without exceeding the size of the original image.

If you need to adjust the size of the inserted image, hold down the Shift key to maintain the aspect ratio of the image and avoid distorting the design. Then drag the size adjustment handle until the image reaches the desired size. If you resize the image, avoid enlarging it.

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