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Heart Touching Quotes 2020

Age has to be defeated So keep the  hobby  alive

Way to reach the heart,
Passes through the sea of Wafa

After a few years, what will be the danger
Who will be the best friend,
See you again, I will meet you in memories
Like dried roses are found in books.

What you see The same must not be true,
Sometimes, behind a calm face, pain is hidden …

All paths have been lost in your search, now
I am on a path that goes nowhere.

This desperate journey and this shaky evening,
I can stop but no one stops.

What will happen if a hundred moons shine too?
If they come, this night will be able to make sense.

Aye Sham Tujhe Pe Raat it is heavy like this,
I have lived all my life like this

Crying is not an ointment,
Smile and return to gum after smiling.

It is another matter that the storm is not in our hands,
But lighting the lamp is in danger

If it was dark there was no fear of stumbling
The stones started appearing as soon as it became bright

Scared to praise them,
Who do you think sits asking the era?

Dear… !! Blessed is your flute…
Tastes your “Adhramrit”,
Hi, ray ruffle my throat…
Longing for your “charanamrit”…

It is also a sign of testing man,
Guptagu tells who is a family ..!

This heart is so innocent
Only breaks with alphabets!

Goodness always comes from the company of noble people,
Because, when the air passes through the flowers, it also becomes fragrant

This desperate journey and this shaky evening,
I can stop but no one stops.

Lies say that love takes away everything,
I have loved and found the treasure of sorrow

The distances are too much, but understand this,
No relationship is special by staying close.
You are so close to my heart,
Don’t feel the distance

Age has to be defeated,
So keep the “hobby” alive

Stopped is like the moon if you walk it is like the wind,
She is the mother who is like a shade even in the sun

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