Guru Arjan Dev Ji shaheedi Purab 2020

Guru Arjan Dev Ji shaheedi Purab

Guru Arjan Dev Ji shaheedi PurabGuru Arjan Dev Ji shaheedi Purab

Guru Arjan Dev Ji shaheedi Purab 2020

Arjun Dev or Guru Arjun Dev is the fifth Sikh guru. Grandmaster Arjun Dev Ji is a martyr. The guru enjoys the highest position in the spiritual world. He is also known as enlightened. He gave up his life to serve religion and people. Guru Arjun Dev Ji was born on April 15, 1563. His father, Guru Ramdas, was the fourth Guru of Sikhs, and his mother’s name was Bibi Bhani. Grandmaster Arjun Dev Ji’s character is calm and natural, with a sharp mind. In addition, he likes to be Gurbani Kirtan. Guru ji goes to great lengths to bring Sikh culture to every door. He made a significant contribution to the correct construction of Guru Durbar. In 1590 A.D. in Tarn Taran’s lake, his efforts also made firm arrangements.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji shaheedi Purab
Guru Arjan Dev Ji shaheedi Purab

Why Arjan Dev ji is difficult for mar

Arjan Dev Ji edited “Gran Granth Sahib” and established it as a wonderful guide for humans. Some people did not like his service, and some antisocial elements complained to the emperor Akbar that this passage was directed against Islam, but then Akbar learned about the greatness of the speech, the editor of Granna Sahib. Therefore, he expressed regret by offering 51 works. After Akbar died in 1662, his son Jahangir Badshah tortured and murdered him in Lahore (now in Pakistan). After a lot of hardships, Ji Luji remained calm, and his mind did not even panic. The hot pot became dry in front of his soft nature. The hot sand did not eliminate their loyalty. Guru Ji did the same thing in sadness and laughter-
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The creation of Arjan Dev Ji

Vani, composed of Guru Arjun Dev ji, also conveyed a message of peace to bereavement humans. Sukhmani Sahib is his immortal voice. Thousands of creatures achieve peace by reciting Sukhmani Sahib day after day. Sukhmani Sahib has 24 Ashtapadi. Sukhmani Sahib is a work created by Raga Gaudi. This composition has a formative style. It refers to the stages of sadhana, nama-sumiran and their functions, service and sacrifice, spiritual grief, and happiness and liberation, through which human beings can obtain great happiness.

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