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Free QR Scanner: Barcode Scanner and QR Code Scanner.

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These days we provide Free QR Scanner: Barcode Scanner and QR Code Scanner. Lightning QR code scanner app for Android devices for scanning QR codes. It supports all QR/Barcode formats!

The free QR code reader can read and decode various QR codes and barcodes, including contacts, products, URLs, Wi-Fi, texts, books, emails, locations, calendars, etc. you’ll also use it to scan promotional information and coupon codes within the store to urge discounts.

★ Free QR code reader and scanner
★Free barcode scanner
★ Free Extreme QR Scanner App
★ Free barcode reader and scanner

Why choose a free QR scanner?
✔ Support all QR and barcode formats
✔ Auto-zoom
✔ All scan records are going to be saved
✔ Scan QR/Barcode from gallery
✔ Use a flashlight to scan during a dark environment
✔ No internet connection required
✔ Scan promotion and coupon codes
✔Privacy security. Only need camera permission

how to use

  1. Point the camera at the QR code/barcode
  2. Automatic recognition, scanning, and decoding
  3. Get results and related options

After scanning, several relevant options for the results are going to be provided, you’ll look for products online, visit websites, and even hook up with Wi-Fi without entering a password.

Support all formats

Scan QR code instantly. Support all QR and barcode formats, QR codes, data matrix, Maxi codes, Code 39, Code 93, Codabar, UPC-A, EAN-8…


You don’t got to zoom in/out. it’s easy to scan for places or smaller QR codes and barcodes.

easy and convenient

No internet connection is required. All scan history are going to be saved for straightforward viewing at any time. you’ll scan QR/Barcode from the gallery.

Pricing security

It only needs camera permission to make sure your privacy is 100% safe.

Support flashlight

You can activate the flashlight to scan the QR code/barcode during a dark environment

Price scanner

Scan promotion and coupon codes to urge discounts. Scan product barcodes and compare prices online.

Barcode reader and scanner

this barcode reader and scanner allows you to scan all kinds of barcodes, QR codes, and coupon codes. this is often the simplest barcode reader and scanner you deserve

Scan QR code

Do i want a QR scanner app to scan QR codes and barcodes? attempt to scan QR codes quickly with this scanner app!

QR code scanner app

Looking for a QR code scanner app? do this free QR code scanner app!

QR code reader and scanner

This is the simplest QR code reader and scanner you’ll find. Use QR code reader and scanner to scan QR code immediately.

QR code scanner for Android

Want a QR code scanner for Android? Android’s QR code scanner allows you to scan various QR codes and barcodes.

aadhar card scanner

This lightweight, instant and secure card scanner is indeed worth a try. Download this aadhar card scanner now.

Diksha application

This QR code scanner is just like the Diksha app, allowing you to scan QR codes on textbooks to access related content. Better than diksha app.


The barcode scanner is 100% safe! The barcode scanner only needs camera permission!

Barcode reader

The barcode reader can scan barcodes of any size. The barcode reader can automatically zoom to scan immediately and obtain the result!

Barcode scanner application

The barcode scanner application supports all barcode formats. Use this barcode scanner app to make your own QR code.

Barcode scanner for Android

The small-size barcode scanner for Android can quickly scan barcodes. Download this barcode scanner (for Android) for free of charge now!

QR code scanner

Do you need a QR scanner and QR code reader? trying to find a QR code scanner? Not a satisfied QR code scanner? Try the simplest QR scanner and QR code, reader! This QR scanner and QR code reader support all QR and barcode formats.

Barcode scanner app free

The super fast barcode scanner app for all Android devices is free! Use the barcode scanner app to scan all barcodes and make your own QR codes for free of charge .

Barcode scanning

QR and barcode scanning only takes 1 step. The free QR and barcode scanner brings you a particularly fast barcode scanning experience.

QR reader for Android

Free QR reader for Android. Scan QR code and barcode. Download the QR reader for the Android app now

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