Contacts of Madhya Pradesh Hospital

Contacts of Madhya Pradesh Hospital

Contacts of Madhya Pradesh HospitalContacts of Madhya Pradesh Hospital

Contacts of Madhya Pradesh Hospital

The Sharjah government issued a notice to a personal hospital within the area on Sunday because the 80-year-old man was tied to a rope bed because he allegedly did not pay hospital bills.

during a video spread on social media, Laxmi Narayan from Khilchipur tehsil in Rajagarh was admitted to the hospital after complaining of stomach pains. He was found lying on the bed together with his ankles tied together and glued on the single bed .

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan tweeted on Saturday: “I found something associated with the cruelest behavior of elderly citizens during a Shajapur hospital. The defendant won’t be spared and can take the foremost stringent action .”

Regional Chief Medical and Health Officer Prakash Vishnu Phulambrikar said a team of branch magistrates, doctors and regional health officials visited the hospital, but the old man and his family had already left.

Dr Phulambrikar said: “Tehsildar has been sent to the village of the elderly to record his statement.” “The hospital was asked to reply within 48 hours. If it’s found to be unsatisfactory, further action are going to be taken.”

“We are following the hospital owner who has been to a different city,” said another local sheriff Manjusha Vikrant Rai.

Dr. Phulambrikar added that the patient’s medical history showed that he had epilepsy. The hospital claimed that he had to tie him to bed thanks to convulsions.

“It’s still not the case,” Dr. Phulambrikar said. “During convulsions, we’ll use the bandage provided by the hospital rather than the rope as required .”

At an equivalent time, the patient’s daughter said that that they had deposited a handling fee of 6,000 rupees first, then saved another 5,000 rupees. She said: “We told the hospital that we couldn’t pay any longer and asked them to get rid of the catheter so we will take him home.”

In order to make sure his discharge from the hospital and access to the case file, she was told that she must also pay Rs 11,270. She said: “They didn’t give us the documents, so once we began to leave the hospital, my father was close to follow me behind them, they caught him, took him in, and tied him to the bed.”

Former Chief Minister Kamal Nath described this “inhumane” and “barbaric” behavior: “During this corona pandemic, several private hospitals within the state continued to behave inhumanely. , Escape and arbitrariness. nobody listens to the general public . the govt should take strict action on this incident.”

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