Chennai’s pvt hospital bed is almost used up

Chennai’s pvt hospital bed

Chennai’s pvt hospital bedChennai’s pvt hospital bed

Chennai’s pvt hospital bed is almost used up

The beds in Chennai’s pvt hospital have been used up-the government has no clear plan for the 17 private hospitals contacted by TNM, only three of which have confirmed beds, ventilators and necessary personnel to treat COVID-19 patients.

Both government and private hospitals in Chennai are struggling to meet the demand for beds because the number of COVID-19 positive patients in the city continues to grow at an alarming rate. As of Saturday, Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, accounted for nearly 21,000 of the 30,152 cases in the state, and hospitals in the city could not keep up with these rising numbers. Even residents who can afford treatment in private hospitals report that there are no available beds for treatment, and they are turned away.

TNM contacted 17 private hospitals currently in alliance with the Ministry of Public Health to provide treatment for patients who tested positive. Among them, three hospitals could not be contacted by phone-the phone number provided by the government and the landline number provided on the hospital website were unattended.

There are only three hospitals in total-one in Chrompet, Chengalpattu, and the other in Melmaruvathur, admitting that its beds have sufficient equipment and staff to accommodate positive patients.

Two of the hospitals-one in Kundrathur and the other in Thandalam, said they have enough beds to accommodate patients but cannot provide ventilator support because the existing ventilator is full or ready for patients who have been admitted to the hospital Too. According to the government website, the Kundera Tour hospital can provide 109 beds, and there are only two ventilators in total, one of which is occupied.

Meanwhile, as of June 6, the hospital in Thandalam claimed to provide 102 beds and 9 ventilators. But by the morning of June 7, they could not accept patients who needed ventilator support.

The remaining nine hospitals refused to accept patients for various reasons. The six well-known hospitals in the city are from Alwarpet, Ayanambakkam, Shenoy Nagar, Vadapalani, Purasawalkam, Pallikaranai, and they clearly stated that they have all been admitted. But according to the latest government updated data, only three of these hospitals have been completely filled.

As of June 6, for Alwarpet Hospital, all 50 beds for COVID-19 patients have been occupied, and only three ventilators are available. Ayanambakkam Hospital is also full, with 54 beds, and patients occupying seven ventilators. According to data from Shenoy Nagar Hospital, as of Saturday, all 30 beds have been occupied, and only one of the nine ventilators has not been used.

According to the information board, the hospital in Vadapalani had 37 out of 90 beds, but when TNM contacted them, they insisted that the beds were full. Similarly, the hospital in Purasawalkam should have a bed and report that the bed is full. According to government data on Sunday, another private hospital in Pallikaranai had 3 beds as of 9.31 on Sunday and also reported that they could not accommodate more patients.

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