Best Laptop, Notebook and Ultrabook June 2020

Laptop, Notebook and Ultrabook June 2020

Best Laptop, Notebook and Ultrabook June 2020Laptop, Notebook and Ultrabook June 2020

Best Laptop, Notebook and Ultrabook June 2020

Being able to understand which laptop to buy, a laptop or ultrabook is definitely not a simple operation. In this regard, after publishing three guides on the 5 best products by price range, we hope to rank the top ten according to different criteria. Specifically, in this article, we will not focus on the price, but will choose the most suitable solution according to the user type and use. Here are 5 categories selected for you:

  • Domestic notebook
  • Creator Notebook
  • Worker Manual
  • Game notes
  • Student notebook

Below, you will also find some useful information to easily judge the pros and cons of any type of notebook. Finally, we remind you that the purchase guide is updated every three months to ensure that your recommendations always match the best recommendations on the market.

How to choose the best portable, convertible or notebook
No matter how much you can spend, there are definitely four basic elements when buying a computer:

Memory: More important than the processor, providing RAM and internal storage is essential. We believe that a laptop with Windows 10 and less than 4GB of RAM is undesirable, and it makes no sense to save 20/30% for ultra-low-cost products. If necessary, postpone the purchase for a few months. The usage of internal memory is similar: Windows takes up a lot of resources, and 64GB is already a big limitation, we recommend at least 128GB. However, in this case, given the much higher performance of the SSD, the 128GB storage space on the SSD is much better than the 500GB storage space on the HDD. You can invest up to 30 Euros on a large USB.

Processor: This is very important immediately after the processor, but please be careful not to overuse it. At the low end, the problem does not appear particularly, obviously, there is more power, only the hammer. However, in the high-end field, when you start talking about i5, i7, or even i9, you must consider the performance/autonomy/cooling tradeoffs. Laptops equipped with i5 and super high-speed SSD are always better than i7 equipped with HDD. In addition, it is always best to use a 256GB SSD rather than a 128 SSD + 500GB or 1TB mechanical disk. Not only do you lose weight, you have higher performance and greater autonomy. In addition, the i7 processor may never actually be used, and in the same way, the i9 may reach excessively high temperatures without really improving your activity.

Display: Oled, LCD, opaque, shiny is not important. In 2019, it is still possible to find non-cheap laptops with poor screen and HD resolution. Therefore, please be careful, if you find a product that seems to have excellent hardware at a low price, a 1366 TFT display and a mechanical hard disk may appear if you can avoid it.

Autonomy: In this case, the budget will be different. Cheap laptops rarely run for long periods of time, and only the latest CPU consumes very low power, including standby time. However, there is an important difference in Wh, that is, the capacity of the battery. If you want to have a long time in the office/home, it is recommended not to lower than 50Wh.

Enjoy reading.

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