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5 best QR code readers or scanners for Android

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These days we provide the 5 best QR code readers or scanners for android A QR (Quick Response) code is a two-dimensional barcode that contains information about almost everything in a machine-readable optical label. URL, address, contact list, phone number, text, image, etc. It was first used in the Japanese automobile industry in 1994 and attracted public attention because of its ease of use.

Modern smartphones come with built-in functions to read QR codes without third-party applications. All you have to do is turn on the camera, point the lens at the QR code of interest, and then a notification will pop up, directing you to the relevant menu.

However, there are still many phones that do not have this built-in function, and many users need to ask for help with secondary installation. You may also need to use a dedicated QR code scanner app on your phone, if this is the case, then you are in luck!

In today’s article, we have provided you with a list of the best QR code scanner apps available on the PlayStore and listed these apps in the order of their ratings. They are all free, but not everyone has no ads, and they are not all the same. Before making a choice, make sure to check it carefully.

  1. Free QR Scanner:
    This free QR scanner supports all QR/barcode formats and can be used to read and decode contacts, products, WiFi, books, texts, URLs, coupon codes, calendars, locations, etc. Its features include scanning history, offline usage, flashlight, auto-zoom, scanning QR code from the gallery, and privacy security (only camera permission is required).
  2. QR code reader and scanner
    QR Code Reader and Scanner is a free smart Kaspersky QR scanner that protects mobile phones from malicious QR codes containing malicious links and phishing trap content. Its functions include: reading behind the maze, alerting when the QR code contains dangerous links, cleaning up the contact list, and scanning history.
  3. QR and barcode scanner
    QR and barcode scanner has an easy-to-use interface and is one of the fastest QR scanner apps on the market. It supports all barcode formats, such as ISBN, URL, email, Wi-Fi, products, coupons, etc. Its other features include creating QR codes, scanning images, scanning from gallery and sharing contact information via QR.
  4. QR and barcode reader
    This QR & Barcode Reader is a modern QR code scanner application that supports all common barcode formats: EAN, Code 39, QR, Aztec, Data Matrix and UPC. Its functions include opening URLs, connecting to hotspots, reading VCards, finding product and price information, adding calendar events, etc. It also has additional functions for safety and performance.
  5. Free QR barcode scanner
    This free QR barcode scanner is a super fast and secure QR scanner and barcode reader for Android, supporting all code types (one-dimensional and two-dimensional). It supports the use of flashlights, saving scan history, instant scanning and QR code generation. It used to cost $4.99, but it is now free forever
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